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Video Game Review #1 COD Finest Hour

2012-06-13 00:44:11 by GettinJiggyWitIt

I enjoy typing a review for my own pleasure usually because I sound Smarter when typing rather then talking because of my Shit grammar.

Review of Call of Duty FInest Hour.

Gameplay - I thought the Gameplay was a little sluggish. Controls felt like you were being shoved by someone. The frame rate drops when there is a lot of Action. The only time you will have Truly smooth Gameplay is if you are in a room alone. Other then that it is fine. However their is no local Multiplayer. I am a huge Halo fan and Halo before Halo 2 was mostly known for having great four player Split screen. Even GoldenEye for the 64 had Local multiplayer. This is a Bad thing if you actually have friends. XD

Sound - The music was good but never mind blowing. Unlike the GH or Tony Hawk games released by Activision the sound is Completely Original. Mostly old timey Orchestrated stuff however. It is really good but it is kinda bland.

Story - The story is you play in WW2 battles and play as Russian, British, or American Armies to take down germany. The story never interested me because I personally think most American History is boring. Any history buff however would love the story line.

Online Gaming - The Xbox and PS2 versions come with online but the GameCube version does not support because I don't think the online Adaptor was made in 2004. Also, I think only the Phantasy Star games ever got Gamecube online features. Now I am getting off track. The Xbox no longer has online play so I guess you have to stick with the PS2 version. This game still has it's original servers up with about 20 to 30 people still online. I think this online mode was pretty fun but From what I played there seemed to be only Two Game variations. Although I didn't really do any research before writing this so bare with me.

Overall - Even though most COD fanboys would say stuff like "this game sux cus it ain't got no zombiez or runnin stuff in it". I still would say this is one of my favorite and I can say for one thing this review doesn't give the Game justice. I say the last good COD game was either WOW or MW3. Next up is COD2 Big red one which (SPOILERS) is Vastly better in almost every aspect.

7.9/10 Great!

Pointless Halo Post

2012-05-29 19:11:50 by GettinJiggyWitIt

I just can't wait for Halo 4. Too Damn excited!


2012-05-25 03:29:39 by GettinJiggyWitIt

I know this is kind of offensive but I was watching this Documentary called "Playing Columbine". It featured a ver Disturbing and Interesting Game called "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!". I can't find an Online version of this game. My computer is slow and can't play any Damn Downloaded game. Can somebody put the game on Newgrounds? I know this could have been a forum post but I thought it would look better here.

Godzilla Comic

2012-05-24 21:17:36 by GettinJiggyWitIt

I made a Comic. Hoping if you want Vol.2