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2012-05-25 03:29:39 by GettinJiggyWitIt

I know this is kind of offensive but I was watching this Documentary called "Playing Columbine". It featured a ver Disturbing and Interesting Game called "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!". I can't find an Online version of this game. My computer is slow and can't play any Damn Downloaded game. Can somebody put the game on Newgrounds? I know this could have been a forum post but I thought it would look better here.


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2012-05-26 23:50:09

.. you're a idiot.

GettinJiggyWitIt responds:

How so?


2012-05-29 19:05:00

Someone can't just upload the game onto newgrounds without the authors permission. Not only that, you can try out V-tech rampage:
It's kinda like columbine but with more action.

GettinJiggyWitIt responds:

I have seen people Upload games without the Authors Permission. Happy Wheels is a good example.